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 Yoga Classes

YogaDabbaDoo specialises in teaching yoga to all ages of children from 3 -11yrs old and teenagers. Classes take place in a variety of spaces, from schools, village halls and even The Paint Pottle in Market Harborough. 

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Please choose the most suitable class for you and your child's needs. 


Pre-School Classes

Your youngster will learn simple breathing techniques and play yoga games to introduce yoga poses in a fun and engaging way.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch or even join in.

Children's Classes


In these fun and enjoyable classes your child will learn breathing techniques, enjoy learning stretches and doing the poses and then building them into their own fun sequences through games.  The whole session promotes positive thinking and mindfulness.

Family Classes

These are fun and engaging for everyone who comes, you will connect with your child through a combination of gentle stretches and poses. Some you can even work together and do some partner poses.  There will be some storytelling and a little bit of quiet time to end the session. 



Breathing techniques to help with exam pressure or the stresses of daily life.  Different yoga poses to help deal with situations and the emotions faced by teenagers. They will also learn which poses increase focus and concentration and help reconnect your body when they may be feeling a little over whelmed by the different situations posed to teenagers.
It ends with a mindfulness and relaxation time. 



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Special Events

Find out about YogaDabbaDoo's special sessions and one off events. 

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