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Teen Yoga Classes

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These classes are for 10 - 15 year olds. 

The classes bring improved concentration, reduced stress and increased self confidence.  The teens all enjoy a break from the normal day to day stresses and take time to enjoy just being in the present and allowing their brains to relax. The classes are planned to give the teens tools they can use now and in the future.  With the positive use of epigenetics teens will feel the lighter and more at ease after the sessions. 

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Learning yoga as a teenager promotes calmness, concentration, relaxation and flexibility in teens. Prolonged practise also aids the development of the brain by creating positive pathways. This in turn encourages mindfulness, or being in the present moment and noticing how your thoughts can affect how you feel and how to change any negative ones. Learning breathing techniques helps to bring calmness and focus on and off the yoga mat. Meaning that these techniques can be applied in a stressful areas of life such as school life. Yoga can also help bring strength, flexibility, acceptance and awareness to our bodies, helping to promote positive body image and confidence. 


What to expect:

This class will teach

*    Breathing techniques to help with exam pressure or the stresses of daily life.

*    Different yoga poses to help deal with situations and the emotions faced by teenagers.


*    They will also learn which poses increase focus and concentration and help reconnect your body when you may be feeling a little over whelmed by the different situations posed to teenagers.


*   It ends with a mindfulness and relaxation time when we can soothe and take a break from daily life or homework we will focus on positive affirmations, relaxing techniques such as simple meditation and ways to receive tension and stress.

Medbourne Village Hall, Monday 5pm

The Paint Pottle, Market Harborough Tuesday 5pm

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