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Children's Yoga

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YogaDabbaDoo uses a unique blend of breathing techniques, yoga games, and relaxation time throughout the classes. Each class is engaging and encourages children to nurture their minds and bodies to be healthy.

Medbourne Village Hall, Monday 4pm

The Paint Pottle, Market Harborough Tuesday 4pm

Wilbarston Village Hall Wednesday 4pm

Great Bowden Church Hall 4pm

YogaDabbaDoo classes are typically 45 minutes long and blend active yoga sequences, energizing music, yoga-inspired games, mindfulness, and plenty of smiles and laughter into every class. No prior children's yoga experience is required. 

What to expect in a class:

Each YogaDabbaDoo class is taught in a creative and loving inclusive way. The classes are all fun, active, calming which encourage teamwork and each child to find their inner peace and sense of worth.  Yoga nurtures flexibility and freedom and helps build healthy bodies and healthy minds.  Each individual is encouraged to discover their own bodies strengths and abilities through stretches, jumps, balances, twists, bends being alone, partner work, singing, playing and relaxing. 

Yoga improves self confidence and self belief and helps children to learn to self regulate their own emotions and to feel more balanced.  The power of breath is promoted in every class and the positivity that the breathing techniques bring are felt be everyone. Immunity is increased as is the quality of sleep. Every lesson includes a wide range of invaluable tools that children can use now and in the future when there are faced with difficulties. These tools include mindfulness, meditation and relaxation.


They learn how to enjoy being themselves and to use the positive affirmations on themselves and on each other.


Benefits of Yoga

*Reduces stress and anxiety

*Improves concentration and energy levels

*Maintains and increases flexibility 

*Improves sleep and helps establish sleep patterns

*Encourages creativity, self belief and self confidence

*Relief from digestive problems


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