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Pre-School Yoga 3-5yrs

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All our classes are inclusive and fun, promoting physical and mental well being.  These classes are a fantastic introduction to breathing techniques, yoga movements and mindfulness.

Church Langton, Monday 10.45am

The Paint Pottle, Market Harborough Tuesday 3pm

YogaDabbaDoo pre school classes are fantastic introduction to yoga for pre-school aged children. YogaDabbaDoo classes are exciting, creative and calming, combining fitness, fun and relaxation in each unique class. We combine yoga and mindfulness to encourage kids to grow in confidence and to the best of their ability. We teach the yoga poses into songs and weave them into well known stories the children can enjoy and join in with the retelling. We will stretch your child’s imagination providing an alternative to the performance-driven environment in which many children live today.

What to expect in the session:

This class will combine simple breathing techniques and yoga games in a fun and engaging way, suitable for young children. Lots of songs and movement are integrated into the session along with a story or quiet time to end with.

Your child will benefit from the physical challenges of yoga, improving their flexibility, coordination, strength and body awareness. Their concentration, sense of mindfulness, and ability to relax also vastly improve. 

Yoga allows children to access a new way of playing, exercising and developing their imagination and a deeper connection with their inner self in a non - competitive environment. 

Carers are welcome to join in the class or leave and come back before the end.

YogaDabbaDoo uses stories and props to aid movement through different poses, props  and games in a non competitive and stimulating environment.


Why chose Pre School yoga? What are the benefits? 

* It calms the nervous system and encourages self soothing

* Helps to improve concentration.

* Improves general behaviour and sleeping patterns

* Increases mobility, awareness of body, strength and flexibility

* Promotes confidence and self esteem

* Reduces stress and anxiety

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