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Important to Note

1. The price/booking is for 1 adult and 1 child.  If you wish to bring an additional adult or child there is a surcharge of £5 per person.

2. Whilst we understand the challenges you face to coordinate your family, we kindly ask that you arrive on time so as not to disturb the workshop as not to disrupt the session.

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Family Yoga

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Why not spend healthy joy filled quality time with your child at our fun and playful family session.  You will work together to enjoy mindful movements, partner poses and even meditation.

The next date is Sunday June 30th - Wilbarston Village Hall

Family life can be hectic and between the rushing around, appointments, school runs and work commitments it can be easy to loose touch with your loved ones. Yoga is a perfect way to reconnect and take time to appreciate each other.


YogaDabbaDoo sessions are designed to re-engage everyone through fun and mindful family yoga. Gentle stretching, yogic flows and interactive poses will help you and your child reconnect.  

The family yoga workshop provides a fun, flowing yoga experience for parents and children 3 yrs and up.  YogaDabbaDoo uses stories and props to aid movement through different poses, props  and games in a non competitive and stimulating environment.


What to Expect in the session

We start the session with a relaxing and welcoming game before moving onto introducing breathing techniques you can try out together. We then move onto the yoga movements, some poses will require you and your child to work together to create partner poses.  There will be some storytelling and to end the session there will be a little bit of quiet time. For the children, they learn how to regulate their emotions and their behaviour improves.  For parents, the workshop encourages living in the moment your children and appreciating the time together.  Try to let any frustrations go and focus on the enjoyment of being together.  Through mindfulness and relaxation techniques in this workshop, children and parents will learn to calm their minds both of which can significantly help with bedtime and sleeping patterns.


Family yoga sessions have been proven to improve and grow the family dynamic and allow special bonding time.  Families leave feeling more attentive towards each other as communication improves and everyone is more aware of each other.


Why chose Family yoga? What are the benefits? 

* It strengthens family bonds and improves communication between family members

* Teaches how to self regulate emotions and behaviours

* Improves general behaviour and sleeping patterns

* Increases mobility, awareness of body, strength and flexibility

* Promotes confidence and self esteem

* Helps to alleviate anxiety and reduces stress.

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